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Friday, 15 June 2012 11:09

This project consists in  the development of applications that are games being made in the TAIS Group as part of Final Year Projects that the group offer to the students. The aim is that these projects have a real application. Therefore, we have contacted both the special school Director Mercedes Sanroma and  the association ASPACE Sevilla to design applications that are appropriated to the daily activities taking place in these centers.

In this video it can be watched ,  a summary about students activitities:

Video Summary

The main objectives of these applications is the physical and intellectual development of the users.

The games currently available are:

  • Aprende con Bobo (Learn with Bobo). The objective of this project is to develop an application / game on 2D side scrolling, designed to facilitate cognitive development of a person with cerebral palsy in both childhood and in adulthood.This objective is divided into the following specific: Developing the capacity for action and reaction. Reinforcement learning of basic concepts: numbers, colors, animals. Promoting autonomy in the interaction with the computer. Provide a mechanism for integration.

  • Cuenta y Juega (tells a story and play). this application is about two interactive stories. The user interacts making a single sound.It tells a story in which games have been included.  It is neccesary solve correctly the game to advance in the story.
  • Bear Fishing. It is an Android Application for this reason it can be executed in several mobile platforms. It can be controlled using only an event. When this event is generated, the bear jumps and eats the fishes. The event can be generated in two different ways: one touch on the screen or a voluntary movement. The voluntary movement is measured by an accelerometer located in the body part that the user can control. The value generated by the accelerometer is transmitted to the device using an electronic board based in a microcontroler (Arduino ADK) . The aim is improve action reaction capability in the user. So the user becomes familiar with the device and helps him to start communicating.
  • Reading Pictograms.It is an Android application too. It is intended to facilitate learning to read using ARASAAC pictograms. Like Bear Fishing, it can be controlled with both touch screen and the accelerometer. When operating in touchscreen mode, it can be listened pictograms' meaning by touching them. When operating with the accelerometer, it is based in only an event, so icons are activated successively using scanning. When the user generates the event active icon in this moment is selected.
  • Tablero Color (Color Board). It is an application developed for the kinect sensor. The idea is to use your hands to draw a board on the screen. hands passing Nearby boxes change color. Encourages action / reaction and that the subject has to move his hands.
  • Cambia Caras (Change your face). It is an application developed for the kinect sensor. When the subject does a slight turn of head he sees that his face changes into  various characters' faces . The aim is to encourage action / reaction and promote greater control over the movement of the head..
  • Kisens. These are games designed for  learning  the cause / effect and are controlled by head movement.

(You can download ethe software if you select the name)

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