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Wednesday, 05 September 2012 12:09

The purpose of this project is the commissioning of a wireless sensor network for research "democratic limits of the city. Urbana armor waiting. The project is funded by the Ministry of Housing and Spatial Planning of the Government of Andalusia for research activities in the field of Architecture and Housing and performed by ArEA Scale Open Architecture (

Fundamental activities for the operation of a network of wireless sensors have been developed. These include:

  • Advice on the most appropriate suppliers and devices for the delivery of the necessary elements.
  • Technology consulting on network features, components and other related questions.
  • Programming of all components of the wireless sensor network for its operation and formatting data output for compatibility with platform designed for that purpose by the company.
  • Functional testing of the network in  FIDETIA installations (motes and PC).
  • Network Test (motes and PC) into its final location.  The town of El Campillo and additionally municipalities of Rio Tinto Mines and Zalamea la Real, all belonging to the region of Rio Tinto in the province of Huelva.
  • Assistance in case of network failure due to configuration problems.

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